I had a bad week in a half

I got 2 episodes within 3 days. I have been struggling with being mentally exhausted. I have been stressed out, and I have had a lot of bad days. Also I have been hearing voices. I happy that I got through it though.


Hope your on the path to better things and your feeling better.


Thanks I appreciate it…15151515

I’ve noticed that quite a few people (myself included), have posted lately about having “bad days” recently. What is it? The weather?

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With me right now it’s mainly my arthritis. My SzA is well controlled now and isn’t causing me problems.

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With me it’s everything: Sza, migraines, arthritis.

Sorry to hear that. Have you heard if there are any medications that help osteoarthritis not get any worse? My arthritis has been a fairly recent development.

what meds are you on @Jake ?

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