I guess you didnt know it, but I am a fiddle player too

Classic rock song <3


Charlie Daniels is half-rock and half-country.

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I find it really unique. Southern rock is my favorite, and the country aspect just adds another twist to it.

It doesn’t beat this though

Nick you got it right with liking classic rock…so do I, but I doubt my days of being devoted to classic rock are as long as yours. Never could get sick of that music!

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Double like…

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I was around when all this classic rock like Led Zep, Lyenard Skynard, Boston, ELO, Journey, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Montrose etc, was cutting edge.

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Jealous. I think journey is overrated ( a little corny ), but I still like them.

I also like jazz/r&b along with classic rock. Nina simone, billy holiday, louis armstrong, etc…

I like older music.

My dad went to high school with half of aerosmith, including steven Tyler. In yonkers, NY.e

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And I’m jealous of your dad, lol. Yeah, I like Billy Holiday and Louis Armstrong too.

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Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again, I done told you once you son of a bitch im the best thats ever been!!!

Love that song :slight_smile:

Some reason my mind went here.

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