I guess you could call it laziness

Or avoidance.
I work in an Army Reserve office building as a janitor. Most soldiers are working at home and there’s only 20 or so men and women in the building on a typical day since
COVID started. I think the problem started more than a year ago.

My job is to vacuum so I go in all the soldiers offices or cubicles; sometimes they’re there, sometimes they’re empty. There’s one guy that I really dislike. I never liked him since he came here more than a year ago. He’s just annoying. But a year ago I was on the second floor and I knew I was going to have to go into his office.

He’s a jerk and that day I just didn’t feel like seeing him. So I skipped his office. Well, my supervisor walked up to me and asked if I did all the offices. I was just honest and I told him that guy gets on my nerves so I skipped him. My supervisor just laughed and told me he doesn’t blame me. Apparently a lot of people don’t like that soldier. I thought it was just me! I felt vindicated but now just this past year I find that several times I was supposed to go in an office or large room with someone I don’t want to see so I just skip it. It’s not even that it’s because it’s someone I dislike. Often, it’s someone I like but I just don’t feel like facing them and being friendly.
Shades of high school, lol!

I can get away with this but it just dawned on me that I do it at least once every day. So I don’t want it to become a habit. The soldiers are coming back one of these days and I have to walk into crowded offices whether I like it or not. It’s what I signed up for. Bah humbug.


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