I Guess the researchers took off from research over the holidays

oh well, eat up, drink up, live it up, because you only get one life so make the most of it right


Even researchers are allowed time off. They are not robots.


So did @szadmin …it seems so. :slight_smile:

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Just been busy… still checking in occasionally.


Was there something wrong with the post?

The professors I work for hardly ever get time off. Most grants have a deadline that results are due by. I remember coming back from breaks asking my PI how theirs was and they were like “lol what break”

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Sir, when you have a moment, Sir, we have an issue or two wanting your attention!


I just picture them all at a fancy house party in Boston with a big Christmas tree and a piano player. Glasses of champagne, and hors devours. Talking about Crispr 9 and toasting to 2030,
While I’m lying in my bedroom witnessing the end of my world.

Sorry if I was indiscreet… I’m a professional notifier of missing members :smiley_cat:
Have a happy holidays!

Those will be the days when they are.

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2017 and I am still not any closer to remission with the help of psychiatry. My Pdoc has never recommended psychotherapy. I want to believe that there is meaning behind my disease, subtle meaning that one must search for and once it is identifiable you start to understand life in a unique way. Why not live in a comfortable alternate reality instead of one where all “important” information is is fed to you from the Nightly News which happens to show the same stories even though they are supposed to compete.

I might get more than one life for all you know. If it’s not a total upgrade they can keep it though.

I was also left alone during the holidays. Right back to the same old crap though.