I guess part of my brain is withered

I doubt if my brain is in a sleeping mode similar to what happen when you have insufficient oxygen supply. I feel very strained when I try to study for statistics and really want to stop. Those are easy a school kid could manage. My brain is like working at a minimal level. I barely live.

I read about people who hallucinate a lot when they are about to die. I doubt my psychosis might be something a dying brain would do.

Statistics can be very dry. However I had a phenomenally good teacher and learned it easily. How is your teacher?

I am not attending to school. I’m studying for a job application test. I think the old me can easily get it pass. Maybe I just cannot do school task seriously anymore.

Oh, that would be difficult for me too. I would never have had the discipline to comprehend it on my own.

My brain doesn’t work at comprehension and learning. So I use it for other things.

I feel retarded after my psychosis. Maybe meds are part of it too. I admire everyone who can study. I can hardly read a newspaper.