I guess Listerine isn't required at this point

The real doctors are in. There down in the glue factory making more magic bullettes. What ingredients are they using to play golf with?

I asked the waiter to check the vasseline, he says its north Korean enough. I guess queen victoria never croaked.

The Hebrews only cut off a little bit, the white snake wanted the full monty, but that comes latter, after white spreads his mars bars.

Even moderators have their kids they have to live with.

I’m I okay corneliod enough yet, or do you want spare some bans FOR MY PEOPLE! dAdDy DaY cAre!

Or do you need another track for liberating matterial? bambi is fine eating, lessin there are nun left?

Than Line Might Might Got Judas Back To The Table, for spell and talking with.

Maybe he wanted just listen to KISS army records forever!

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