I guess, I just don't feel the same way

A lot of people on this forum, act like there’s something really wrong with them and it’s their disease. Dr Peter Breggin did research and found it was mostly caused by abuse. Other doctors agree. I know, now they say it’s 80% genetic, but I believe it’s caused by dishonesty and abuse. Doctors have agreed, based on research. I wouldn’t be surprised if genetic research was dishonest.


It could be genetics idk im the only one in my family that i know of that has heard voices. My bro said he has heard them but my parents and there parents and so on never heard them. :joy: in my case and my bro i think this new weed is something different.

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It’s a lot more complicated than the sometimes reported heritability of .80 would suggest (and it is sometimes lower depending on how you measure it). Heritability doesn’t tell you how much of this is due to genes. It tells you (roughly, and depending on how you measure it) how much of the difference between individuals in one group of people is due to factors people have in common that are present before birth. There are lots of confounding factors here when you try to go from heritability to genetics, including culture and similar environments across the group of people you’re studying, epigenetics triggered by environmental factors, and intrauterine environment.

For instance, if the flu during pregnancy can trigger schizophrenia in offspring, then this would be difficult to tease apart from genetic effects in heritability studies. The best form of heritability studies (on identical vs fraternal twins reared apart) can not distinguish this environmental effect from genetic effects.


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