I gotta be careful

I think if I’m like a cat

And I have 9 lives

I probably have about 2 lives left

I can think of probably SEVEN times I should’ve died. Or even thought I did die and was reincarnated into a diff dimension somehow.

But amazingly my health is pretty superb now. But it only takes 1 bad ■■■■ up to die.

Thank the lord potato for naltrexone. Makes me smarter/wiser when it comes to dual diagnosis with time.

I think I’ll hold off for at least 25 years before I use live #8 if I can help it :man_shrugging:

How many cat lives do you have left? In theory?


I got pretty lucky too. I probably used up 3 of my cat lives. One was so bad, I still have passing thoughts like this

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Yeah, I’ve been near death a couple of times too. I’ve become a more humble person after that.

I contested the idea I’m already dead and woke up to a perfect simulation of life afterwards. Had this weird episode in the hospital where I literally ran into the tip of a wallcorner trying to escape from the porters and then I blacked out. Next thing I know I’m getting up from the floor in fight or flight mode. It was just so weird. When I got up the doc and the porter just stood there in front of me. Why weren’t they on the floor checking on me?

Anyways. I don’t think about it any more. Just this thread reminded me of it.

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My sentiments exactly once

Probably better if I don’t explain, although.

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Honestly, if we’re going by cat lives, I should be dead.

When I was 1 year old, my mom got into a severe car crash. She was going 50 MPH and drove into a massive tree. The crazy thing? The tree broke in half. A massive, old tree. My sister broke both arms & I got a concussion. My mom was fine. But we all should’ve died from the collision.

I’ve passed out from low blood sugar so many times, going into seizures. I honestly don’t know how I’m still alive from this alone.

On the opposite end, I’ve gone into DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis, caused by prolonged high blood sugar) many times as a teenager. I ended up in the hospital and the doctors said I should’ve died. Not sure how I survived.

I was hanging off a cliff once, with my skis attached. A nice man helped pull me to safety. My blood sugar was severely low then, too, but I didn’t know yet.

There at least a couple of other things that I can’t remember right now. But you get the picture. Am I just lucky? Blessed? IDFK. :sweat_smile:

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Well…we aren’t allowed to discuss religion or spirutuality. That’s all I can say. :innocent:

It’s extremely lucky to survive all that.


You’re meant to be here :wink:

For me :wink:

OK let’s not be so selfish @Tupac

She’s here for everyone :rainbow:


Yeah, I didn’t say that part to start a discussion, it’s just a thought. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Nothing serious.


I’ve been pretty lucky that nothing serious has happened to me.

My brother was driving and my mom and I were in the car from the end of a roadtrip to see my other brother who moved out and far away. Anyway we almost got into an accident but my brother is a freaking legend and drove between the two lanes of traffic to get the extra room needed to make an emergency break.

I think my brother is an excellent driver.


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