I got women mucians confused with ladies of the evening


The latter being a polite name for a prostitute…


That’s a tough mix up


Well. both work in the evening and have a lot to do with entertainment - lol


I’ve made this mistake. I definitely thought a lady of the evening was just a girl who was a night owl.


We can be so naive it’s comical.


What a cut to the female musicians of the world!


It’s okay. Once when a friend of mine was getting married I told him, “That’s when ■■■■ hits the fan.” I had thought it meant that’s when things get serious but apparently it means that’s when things get really bad. In my defense English is my second language. Anyway he got a bit worried and almost upset when I said that. Now we get a good kick out of it… marriage: When ■■■■ hits the fan… lol. Needless to say I won’t be making that mistake again.


Wow. English is your second language? You speak it well, as if it were yout first. Hoe impressive.


Thank you. Is “hoe” an acronym? Rereading it I think you may have meant “how” sorry if I’m being a grammar nazi. I almost read it like you were calling me a hoe.:smile:


Yes I meant how, sorry about that, lol.


Lol. At least if you were a pimp you’d be nice and sound like Darth Vader. “English is your second language? You speak it well, as if it were your first. Hoe, impressive.” (That’s what I was confused about hahah. Anyway yeah, I learned English when I was young.)


The pimp has a sensitive side before he realizes again that he’s a pimp. Hoe please!!


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