I got wait listed again for my nursing program

Yep. I’m not really surprised considering the deadline (absurdly early for SPRING) happened right before I finished my summer classes which made my application much less attractive. I learn if I got in off the wait list or not in October. I am not holding out much hope. Fall is when my application will actually look good and when I will have other schools I am applying to as well. Couldn’t apply to other schools this spring because again due to deadline complicated application process BS.

To add to this “exciting” news, my community college flat out lost both my transcripts making me miss class registration deadlines, told me it was ok I could register for October classes, then told me “oh none of the classes you want are available in October.” So now I have to take them at a community college an HOUR AWAY from me because it’s the only one with them in October, and I have to hope they actually get my transcripts and get them before the classes I need close out/fill up.

Dear god.

summary: College application bureaucracy and deadlines are BS, schools are screwing up on me or making things as complex as possible to apply, making me getting into nursing school that much harder and slower & making me go slowly insane. Also see title.

Good luck anna. We are all rooting for you.

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