I got very impulsive I think(over my GF)

I think I over messages her till things get strange,I hope I didn’t disrupt our relationship,I really need to cool down over the communication and remain calm and collected

It really sucks to send a messages and get worried if I send the wrong stuff…

Do you guys think she would suspect I had mental illness with like a little more messages sent to her,I hope she would not see it this way

I would keep conversations going. That’s what I do with people who I am interested in, I greet with a question of how their day or morning is going and go from there. Conversations can be serious, like talking about sexuality and jobs/school or just about anime and video games or exercise, they go all over the place. I take a while to tell some people about my diagnosis. Some people seem less mature and I tell them on the first date to get it over with and not waste my time on them.

I have had experience with the whole dating thing- some people don’t converse well, others wont shut up, some talk about stupid things. But then some are mature and talk about relevant things and are obviously making an effort to get to know one another.

A lot of women and men for that matter, do not like to be bombarded with too much unwanted attention. Show her that you like her, but I personally would not overwhelm her (if this is what you are doing) by over texting or constantly calling her - my advice to you is to play it as cool and calm and collective as you can - but if you like her, do show your interest in her in a gentle manner, dont play it too bold


You must watch Swingers.

Relax and give her time to respond. She might have questions that she wants to ask you.

Thanks all of you guys who reply,especially @metime I think your reply is helpful to me

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You’re welcome. “I am experienced in the love and the lives of man and machine./” (I just felt like quoting Rasputina)

My bf and I keep texting and FB to a minimum. In the beginning of our relationship when I was relapsing we had a few miscommunications via text which nearly ruined it. If it is important we call each other because you miss those little inflections in the other person’s voice like sarcasm that just don’t translate via text. Plus you think twice or three times before you make a rash phone call, it is much easier to make a thoughtless text message and hit the send button without thinking.

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Give her space. Try not to drown her in messages. My husband did that to me. It was questions about if I love him and how much and so on. I got completely nuts and refused to answer any texts from him. Now he is much calmer and relaxed. If I’m away from home I don’t get 300 texts with love messages every day. He knows I’m busy and we talk on the phone in the evening. We have been a couple for 16 years.

Talk to your GF instead. Texts miss a lot of things you get in a coversation.