I got to say bye

Because this whole site is a “dump”.

Live censorship, everywhere on the internet, its a full time cyber war. Wake up my brethren be aware. Thus explains how I am.

We’ll miss you and I don’t agree with you.


To be honest you’re not sounding well at all. I hope you will take my advice and contact your pdoc asap.


without laws there would only be chaos…so this site has to have them.
i’m sure i nearly got banned the other day, but i would have accepted and understood why.
rules are there to try and protect the majority.
hope you have a better day.
take care


What do I got to do take a pict of my meds to prove to you I’m taking them.

You’re going overboard in the aggression department. You have to realize like me that there’s more to life.


Chordy I miss your unique posts, although I have to think twice to comprehend them they are truly you. And don’t let anyone tell u different.

Killer instinct Google that up right now 77nick77. And you will become enlightened by its definition. Old males don’t have my test levels but boy do they want it. Feel young again kick ass take names I will not slow down because testosterone I got my levels tested I came back slightly below optimal. I’m just feeling life is there anything amiss about that?

Honestly my dad thought the same thing. I showed him my meds and he acknowledged I was taking them correctly. What else do I have to prove. I’m young healthy and informed of my rights back off yall ganging up against me.

We all need a tweak every now and then.


There’s an old saying that you might be aware of. “Old age and treachery will win over youth anytime”.


FYI I been on the same seroquel 800mg, clonazepam 3mg 2700mg lithium for as long as I can remeber!!

See. I just faked you out.

Whatever floats your boat but duly noted more treachery points gained for me heh heh to use when I’m older of course, ahem past the prime :slight_smile:

You don’t know the people that I know.

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Of course,steriod bitch

You go Mobc…

How about you humour me and get in contact with your pdoc. You can gloat that I was wrong after you’ve gone to the appt… Just a bit concerned is all.