I got to know: The Secret

Its all how I talk to self.

To find the purpose, is to know the purpose why and what, I talk to self.

I become what I say to self and how I say it.

My understanding was there is no profit under the Sun or moon or stars.

This happened because I say it over and over again to self.

What are you talking to self lately ?

Self talking or thinking are because you want to clear a concept. But in schizophrenia it is a stuff with no back gear. Isn’t it. It is problematic.


Yes schizophrenia is complex, but if I further on , reverse re engineer the brain and talk to self only facts and being in a hard core realistic thoughts. Things can work out the way I want it to with meds.

I am saying meds is for schizophrenia but to balance out the impact it causes me in day to day, is what i say to self.

I will prove this with my own experiment on self, lets see how it goes.

I am in advance in this then you. I have posted a lot self thoughts on this forum. Thats why I am after thinking and rethinking about this thought, self discoveref the method, i was free from medicine.
You can say, i have learnt the schizophrenia.


Good to know @Aku1
I know you are, i am speaking of self, sorry if i hurt you.

You can’t think yourself out of sz.

You’ll be just thinking/talking to yourself.

But you don’t have to move your mouth. Its important for good behavior. I think.

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Yes thats were all the voices start when i try to seek validation, and those validation turns to comments. For me.

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You know I had a dream of fear when I was bound and my close friend said i want your jaw bone. For what I have said.

But anyway I decide i need to get angry or fear or forget :relieved:

I don’t understand your reply properly. But what i mean for this - “don’t move mouth” is “badbadana” (बड़बडाना) in Hindi. You are indian, you understand it.

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Oh ok its said as “dont give me jazz”
Is it so ?
Or it means something else ?

Even thou I’ve done research before,
I’ ve learned a lot about sz from this website and from everyone of you. Thank you.

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