I got these they look good

Don’t worry I won’t eat them all myself will give a bunch away.


…Toxic food :joy::crazy_face:

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Only 220 calories per donut :ok_hand:


1 or 2 won’t hurt :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Difficult thing is keeping it moderate but if you can discipline yourself to not eat them all but instead give some away then that could be enjoyable for you guyzzz .

I adore sweets but am trying to not eat them too often.

We must be extra careful with our weight.

Good wishes for you .


Lol they were so cheap I will only eat a few , give a few to my friend then give the rest to my mom. She’s got this superpower to eat a small bite of sweets every night and no more, no less lol

Lol after eating one I regret buying these. They’re not as good as I thought. Probably why they’re 220 not 400 calories each. Idk what I’m gonna do with them it was a compulsive buy because they were only $3

Those store bought ones always look so good, all drizzled in that gooey glaze, but the insides are all bready and raw, Next time get just one at the donut shop, you’ll be a lot happier even though you won’t get to share.

If I ate one of those I’d gain 20 pounds instantly.

I received a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card like a year ago and still haven’t completely used it up. I guess i don’t eat donuts very often. These do look good, though.

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