I got the job!

Today I went for an interview and was asked already to brink required tocuments to work as a postman! Im starting from tomorrow. Its almost full time job, like 0,8 of full time. Also he said if i bring letters ealier i can leave early, so its not time depedant job!


What country will you be delivering mail in?

In my home country: Lithuania


Cheers! Postal service is a respectable job.


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Good job!!! That’s great news!

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Thank you, its one long term job thag is not related to food industry


Here in the US we have acceptable retirement packages for people who work a long time in postal services. Good benefits.

Does your country have that?

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Congrats @Newlyborn! That’s great news. :tada:

That’s brilliant, happy for ya

Im not sure, but the work load wont br heavy as im a quick worker and can start earlier in the day if I want. Also if i get a car, then i can work with my car delivering mail to outskirts of the town.

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That sounds really good. Very cool!

Q: How do you know your wife is cheating on you?

A: You move from Arizona to Vermont, and you still have the same Mailman.


Hey, congratulations! That’s excellent news

Congrats. I know how exciting it can be. I just got a new job a month ago.

Congratulations! Very cool.

congratulations on getting the job!
it’s a good job too… you’ll be helping out a lot of people getting their mail.

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Thank you! Due to flat effect im neither joyous nor anxious. But if ill be able to keep this job, thrn ill never quit, cause i love working on my own


Congratulations :clap: !

Great your interview passed well.

Congratulations! I’m happy for you.