I got the job


w00000000000t!!! You go, girl!!!

:heart: :joy:


You can do it. Great job. :tada::tada::tada:


Congratulations @TomCat!


Hey @Tomcat, no matter how this turns out please know that I admire the hell out of you for taking this leap of faith in yourself. You. Are. AMAZING.



Congratulations that’s awesome


What’s up with the heart? He might get the wrong inpression.


I hope he gets the impression that he’s an inspiring individual many of us here look up to.



Good job man! You can do it


Good job guy!!! Wonderful going!!! I will pray for you.


My vocational rehabilitation counselor with the VA finally answered me. She must be back from the holidays.

She congratulated me on the job offer. No thanks to her. I told them I would stay in touch.

The job they offered me before was supervising a dozen people in the field doing the grunt work. Now I have accepted a higher level management job supervising 10 to 15 other managers and 3 to 5 office support staff.

I probably should have taken the easier job but the timing was not right. The pay for both jobs is the same though so hopefully this isn’t too much more stressful. I enjoy being challenged though. Don’t want to get bored.

I should get the offer letter in the mail and the other stuff to fill out next week.


I got my tentative offer letter today. I have to go get my fingerprints taken at the police station and mail them in with a form.

It says I will get a final offer letter when my background check comes back along with a start date.


congrats mate !!

Nothing beats showing youself how capable one truly is no matter how many difficulties life throws at us !!


Well done mate! I wish you well in your new position! Congats to you!


I haven’t heard anything back on my background check but today I got invited to take some assessments to be a diversion investigator for the DEA.

They sent me a link to download a study guide and recommended strongly you should study.

The job was posted for recent graduates. I am a recent graduate but I am nearly 50. I think they were primarily looking for younger people but I don’t think this is a law enforcement position. They say you investigate and write reports but it doesn’t say anything about needing to carry a firearm or mandatory retirement at 57.

It says you need a top secret security clearance. I only have a secret but I used to have a top secret before I got sick so I have had one before.

You have to go to Quantico for 12 weeks of training. That’s where I did my initial Marine Corps training.

I think I will schedule myself to take the test.

Now that the government is open again I may hear something back on my other job.


I googled it. No law enforcement duties. Just investigations.


I hope you still have them if you need them after the two years. Other than that, great news!!! Really happy for you. Positions like that are no doubt hotly contested.

Whoa this is an old post I didn’t realize. Still good news.


Keep going my man!! Your doing big things. Super proud of you!!!


Oh I read the updates, that’s good! I’m surprised you got a security clearance, that’s impressive! My friend had to get one to do IT work for members of congress. Sounds like you’re about where you need to be, best of luck.


The agent that did my security clearance dug through all of my medical records. I had to meet her at the VA and sign a release for her to pick them up. It took a while for the investigation to complete.


I scheduled the assessment. I will take it before I am supposed to start my new job I think. So we will see how it goes. They said it’s 210 minutes. That’s a long test.

830 in the morning until noon.