I got the job


I just got off the phone with them. I got the Field Manager job i interviewed for.

I posted about it in a couple other threads. I will be supervising about 15 other managers. Will have to travel some.

I have to pass a background check but I told them I accepted the position. It’s $22.50 an hour. It’s a federal job and it’s temporary. Not to exceed two years.

I will have to go and talk to the Social Security people. I already used up my 9 trial work months. When I interviewed they said the start date would be 19 February.

I should get a packet in the mail in 3 to 5 days.


Congratulations. Is there a way you can keep your disability and work?


was it tough getting in?

yeah, gov jobs are the way to go, what a nice chunk of change.



I will be in the extended period of eligibility. It’s a 36 month thing. I don’t really understand it too well. I think I will not get my disability benefits most months as I will be working too much.

But this job will end before the 36 months are up.


that’s beyond the trial work period

just see if you can handle it, then go back on your assistance.

I think it’s a year and half.


They offered me a job about 6 months ago and I declined it because I was afraid of losing my disability. It’s a temporary job so a lot of other people don’t want it. The last job I had was part time.

I can only seem to get the jobs that nobody else wants but if I do a good job maybe I can make myself competitive again. A lot is on the line.


Congratulations on the job @TomCat!


Congrats man. You can do it!


Congrats and good luck!!!


Thank you guys for the well wishes.

I just told the wife.


Congratulations :tada:


Go get em tiger!


@TomCat Did you disclose your diagnosis?


Nice! Good luck, hoping the job goes well!!


That’s exceptional! Congratulations :heart:


No. But they know I am disabled. I get a 10 point preference for being a disabled veteran.


That’s awesome!!!


Great job tom! 5689643


Thanks. My wife doesn’t think I can do it. I just hope the day doesn’t start at 730 or earlier. I tried that last year and it like to have killed me.

I hope it’s 9 to 5 and I think I will make my own schedule.


congrats on the job