I got the interview, BUT


I got the interview for the writer position, BUT… my husband hasn’t secured an interview with the company yet. I feel bad that I have an interview, and he doesn’t. It pays really well, and they do pay relocation, but it’s not like we can move based on me getting (i.e. keeping) a job. He needs his job first. But I feel REALLY bad that I have an interview request already, and he doesn’t. I don’t want to hurt his self-esteem. I am going to tell him about it, but I’m really hesitant to do so because I don’t want his feelings hurt. :frowning:

Do you think I can casually mention how I was led to the company’s site and hope that, if they are interested in me, they might look at him closer? Goodness knows he is intelligent (3.98 graduate GPA!), talented, and experienced. He deserves something great to come along.


I’m sure his feelings won’t be hurt because you got an interview. I can’t see why they would be :confused:


He’s been trying to get a job for a couple of years now- ever since he completed his BA. He is depressed in the company he’s in, and he was really excited about being asked to submit his resume by this company. He’s getting to an age where people don’t want to hire him; he has too much experience, but he needs an entry role because he’s stepping into a new field. It’s just a rough situation for him. I don’t want to make things worse.


Have you guys sent your resumes to recruiter agencies ? Like addeco or a similar company ?


Alternatively for the meantime can you just encourage him to call the company and have him offer to come in for an interview? If his desired position is based on being proactive they may see that as a strong personality trait to have.


He seemed sad.

I really hope he gets an interview, too. We’d both be good candidates. I know we’d both love the jobs, too.


It’s possible to be supportive of someone you love and disappointed by your personal life circumstances at the same time. I’m sure he’s a mature person who can handle feeling both things. He loves you. Why couldn’t you move for your job? Do you need both incomes right away?


I hope that he would take your good news in good stride. I understand it can be a little disheartening for him but he should still be happy for you. My partner struggled to get work for a couple of years, but he wasn’t upset or jealous that i had a job. Continue to encourage him and be his support.


I don’t think you should feel bad about getting the interview. I think your husband probably loves you and would be proud of you.


Did you tell him?


@LouiseG Yes, I told him. He seemed to think it was ironic, and he played it off, but I think he was hurt that he didn’t get the response first.

@ninjastar I am on disability. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold down a job. I’m in an okay place with my sza right now as far as not freaking out goes, but I’m not reliable enough to be responsible for our primary income. It would have to pay REALLY well for us to even try. We make plenty here. His job just sucks.


Thank you for the suggestion of recruiter agencies, @everhopeful. We sent his resume in to a few.

Ideally, I can get the part-time job at Ulta for the rest of the season, then I can start school for accounting. Hubby gets a good job, and we can move wherever we need to.

I don’t think I’d do well in the interview for the company anyways because they have a skills test after the initial interview. It is supposed to be akin to the SAT’s. I did a practice SAT test and got a whopping 58%. Fail.


Hoping the best for you two! You both care about each other much! You definitely have compassion for one another, and you are concerned about he well-being of the other. It’s great that the health of your marriage is a priority. That’s admirable. You are considering others’ interests above your own. What a great example to the world!


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