I got some good News this week

I went from 100% TDRL from the USNAVY to 100% PDRL with the USNavy… I am offically retired from the military…


haha token fat friend , that’s funny.

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:smile: Thank you, buddy

hope you have a happy retirement :slight_smile:

Thank you Day Dreamer…

i hope you have a happy relaxing time.
take care

I don’t know military jargon. Will you explain TDRL and PDRL?

Chordy… TDRL is the Temporary Disability Retirement List, they can place you on this list for 5 years waiting for your condition to approve… PDRL is the Permanent Disability Retirement list. This list is for people who they think condition isn’t going to get better and Official retire you and you receives all the benefits as a retiree would.

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You’re probably just too nice of a guy to fit in the military system. I knew a guy who got discharged because the whole system gave him an ulcer. He was nice.

No… I was in for 8 years., I don’t regret any minute…best time of my life…


Thank you for serving.

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Congratulations on you retirement. I also was in the Navy. But not as long as you were.

From the country Ridgerunner

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Thank you for your service RidgeRunner