I got myself a boyfriend ☹️

Its going on for over a month. He lives 30 km aways but want us to meet 2-3 times a week. We type daily but Im losing my mind cause its too much to handle. I wish it was once a week. Is this sch talking? Hes great but Im just so annoyed by him. Shoud i end it. Im 30yo

  • Dump him
  • Keep him

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:joy: Lol

I think maybe ask him to compromise at first?

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Is there any way you can talk to him about it?
30km isn’t that much if you have a car or take the train, but…

If you feel like he’s demanding more than you can offer, I think the most fair thing to both of you is to try and talk it out, to let him know that you can’t handle it at the moment, and hear if he can handle there not being a much contact as he might like.

just pick 2 days to not answer him. that should give you some relief.

Do you know him IRL (in real life)?

Is this your first meeting?

I would just tell him you need couple days to do other stuff, if you know him IRL. He should understand.

That’s the odd end of the pressure… You might have just jumped into it too quickly if you do like him…

System shock for anyone when that reality changes in such a strong way. It’s almost better for the two folk to just have a friendship that they both understand and then officialize it into a relationship once they both already know how it’s going to feel…

It can be quick to become too much of an obligation with a lot of uncertainty behind it.

The perfect relationship does not exist. Count yourself lucky if someone can stand to be around you for more than 5 minutes, lol.

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