I got my flu shot and my Tdap (whooping cough) vaccine tonight

When I was a kid, getting a shot was a big deal; it hurt like hell. Now it doesn’t bother me. I told the pharmacist that shots don’t bother me so much anymore. He said that’s because the needles are sharper.


Before this covid stuff I never did the flu shot. I’d argue my immunity needed to get it and I’d survive.

Now. I take any shot and don’t argue and I’m first in line when able for flu shot too!

Crazy times my friend.


I hated getting the flu. People coming to work with the flu from their kids.

Always got flu shots.

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I had a bad cass of whooping cough when i was about 14. Lasted months. Terrible. Couldnt sleep becuase id wake up randomly in the night with hectic coughing fits to the point that i would almost pass out from not being able to get air in my lungs.

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Me and my father have to still get our flu shots.

We got the new Covid booster shots last week

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I get my flu ahot in October. Then I’m covered for the full flu season.


My too. My PCP wants me to wait until October to get a flu shot.

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