I got my bracelets the day I got sober

I’ve been wearing them since…16 days later. They’re like recovery bracelets!

It was also the night of the Orlando shooting, I last drank. So I will always remember that day, as the last day I woke up with a hangover, it wasn’t a good day for the world. But I went to the fair that day and bought these awesome bracelets!!!


Remember the movie Inception? Remember their “totems” which they kept in their pockets to tell if they were dreaming or not?

I do some things like that. Like my grandfather’s wallet and a pen that I got my hands on when I became sane again when I got on meds. He was a surgeon and the wallet says “Dr. [his name which is also my name, I am named after him]”.

It’s sort of like a pact I made with myself to become a psychologist. I am well on my way…graduated top of my class in undergrad and am starting a doctoral program in August. My grandfather also smoked most of his life and I vape, which is sort of like the modern equivalent of smoking. Smoking had to go, it was inconvenient for me. And killing me. And I couldn’t do cardio.

Little pacts made with ourselves…I think I recall something about those being effective in a book. I’m blanking out on the term shrinks gave it.

Works for me. Works for you. End of story


I need to find something like that. I have a collection of items I find or that people give me. It used to be a lot bigger, but I narrowed it down to a few favorites. I’ll take a picture


I have something like that but not as big

It has the crow/Raven claw I found in a field, a gemstone, and a fortune cookie that says “luck is coming your way”

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I’ll need to complete by adding something to the collection that symbolizes my sobriety, it’s a great idea.

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When I was in college I would carry around my grandfather’s Latin to English dictionary. It came in handy in one Senior level class. This was before smart phones, so anyone can look up translations now.

oh I love that ! especially the geodes and elephant !! wow !!

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I like the yellow smiley. :relaxed: Also the Art of War book next shelf down.

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You have some eye :smile:

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I love the stone collection @Minnii !
I also own Tolkiens’ LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit.

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Thanks @Andrey @Moonbeam and @jukebox :smile: My favorite one is the big elephant in the back, it was my grandpa’s. I love elephants, and the stones my favorite is the one on the far right, it was given by an exboyfriend it looks like a brain :smile:

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My mom loves elephants too

She has tonssss of elephants statues

And your birthdays are one day apart

You are officially my mommy #2 :smile: jk

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Ftr I don’t believe in the Oedipus complex :frowning:

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