I got my blood test results

My gp called with my test results. Said I tested high with c-reactive protein and positive for anti nuclear antibodies…he didn’t seem concerned but wants me to see a rheumatologist.

I had a very stressful night. Was up all night because I heard scratching in my pantry. I woke my husband and he said he heard nothing. I got my courage and cleared out the whole pantry and saw no evidence of any food packaging being chewed on, no mouse or other rodent droppings, and no kind of entry point so I guess it was a hallucination. At least I have a clean pantry I guess, but threw away nearly all our food except things in cans. My husband isn’t mad though.


Oh and my thyroid was fine


I hope you listen to gut next time, but hedge your bets. The food waste could be an expensive price for a hallucination and a little paranoia.

I’m glad your pantry is clean I’m glad your husband understands or at least isn’t mad. If this is a thing you might do again in the future, I recommend adding an additional barrier like a plastic tupper bin to place objects in so you can check on them quickly. Thats so you’re not worried about bugs…although mice are bound to bounce over them…the thing is though if you didn’t see droppings or holes in things you would probably be able to rule out mice.

As for the medical information you’ve provided I don’t really have experience or knowledge on what to tell you. Your doctor isn’t going to want to worry you, and is probably right not to worry until a specialist is involved. I would be more concerned with them and what they say.

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Yeah I feel pretty dumb about what I did, but it’s the least expensive/dangerous thing my symptoms have caused me … but I feel bad about wasting food. Alot of it was expired so there’s that. I am bad about holding onto things usually.

I have my specialist appt on the 30th so will see what they say

I used to test positive for lupus and also had a positive ana like you. But the rheumatologist told me I didn’t have it. He was actually very mean to me. It was bizarre.

Just had a bunch of blood work done. I will know more at my follow up so far all I know is I am still vitamin D deficient and Iron deficiant.

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I’m sorry that they were mean to you. Did you ever find out why your ana was positive.? I don’t think I really have any lupus symptoms other than my hand/finger issue

Hope your blood work comes back OK. Are you taking supplements?

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yeah my dad got me some iron supplements and I am taking a woman’s multivitamin

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I’m seeing a rheumatologist. He sees me in his way, which is sometimes helpful.

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No. I don’t know why, but my Ana was positive for years. I also had body pain with it too. I also got brain lesions. No one knows why

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s hard when you don’t feel good and no one knows why. I’m sorry

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It’s ok @Owl82. Thanks for caring :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t take iron supplements along with women’s vitamins. Women’s vitamins already have the recommended amount of iron for a female. Anything over that can lead to cancer.

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My guy doesn’t want me to take any iron. I take a hell of a multivitamin, but there is no iron in it.

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