I got me a new job and now I think I made a bad choice

Well I accepted a new job today but now I am beginning to think I made the wrong choice in accepting employment with them. The money isn’t guaranteed and it pays on a pay scale based on performance. I don’t know how it’s going to go, I may keep looking for other jobs even though I am starting at this new job. The job I just got is doing house cleaning for a company. I don’t know it just sounds sketchy.


Yea that does sound sketch

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What do they mean by pay not guaranteed :s.

Is that based on the performance.

If so,

Yea, maybe stay with them until you find a new job like you say. Some money is worse than no money I guess.

Best of luck.

I’m also going to be going into a cleaner job.


I never worked those kinds of jobs. They’re not reliable

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You could get an IT job. The pays is guaranteed(from what I’ve seen and you can get your certification online(Comp Tia A+, Comp Tia Security +)

For your house cleaning job pay by performance means its based on your quality and efficiency.

So it sounds like piece work pay versus hourly.
So you might make less while learning how to be efficient and good quality. Then later more money.

Doesn’t sound legal. You should be given an hourly wage. Unless they’re hiring you as a subcontractor or something.

Think it means pay isn’t guaranteed unless they find you work. Might be zero hours. So regular work might not be guaranteed.

that does sound a bit sketchy… i’d keep looking for another job while you do this one… good luck with the job though =)