I got like earned replies

I get delusions of grandeur. I can’t humiliate myself anymore. What should we do?

Oh me too. I have grandeur frequently

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You don’t flipp out anymore?:pleading_face:
Is it really out of my control? I feel so guilty.

What type of grandeur do you have?
I usually have religious grandeur

To freaking paranoid to talk about it.

I hope your pdoc can help you get it under control with meds. Maybe call him/her and say you’d like to tweak your meds until it goes away if possible???

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I already starting to increase it slowly.

In other words, you’re Donald Trump, king of the universe.


I am god. I can kill by thought.

Congratulations! You just made corporal. Are you now prepared to go on an impossible mission deep into enemy territory? If you wish not to partake please speak now and every man here will point and laugh. Make your choice.


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Yep i am a warhero. I still can manage an unmanageable situation.

On what tv channel i am on?

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