I got into nursing school!


Congrats Anna hope it all works out for u


Congrats,November 15th will forever go do in fame for you,infamy for me




Congratulations! That’s awesome news! Hope you found the card, but I’m sure it wouldn’t disqualify you to have to get another one. :heart:


Congratulations @Anna I wish you all the best in nursing school.


Congratulations! :smiley:


That is amazing! Well done!


Amazing news! You’ve worked so hard for this!!! Congratulations!


Congrats Anna
It is an amazing career to work as a nurse
That is great :+1:


Oh I did find it so all is well :slight_smile:




I’m getting my BSN so whatever sort of nurse that is! RN maybe?

Edit I think it’s just called BSN lol


Congratulations, @Anna! Yes, a BSN will lead you toward an R.N. license. That is much better than an LPN license. More money along with much more responsibility on the job. School will be tough but, it’s worth it. It is especially tough for those with severe mental illness. I will be praying for you. Again, congratulations.


Okay i looked it up. I figured out that BSN stands for and according to what i read, it would make you a registered nurse. Again, i’m always happy to help you with your study if you need it. I already have my Bachelor of Nursing Science.


Thank you once I start I’ll take you up on it!! :grin:


Good job, wishing you well in school.


Good luck. :four_leaf_clover: 1515


Congratulations that’s awesome!


Congratulations u really deserve it :slight_smile: