I got in a fight with my brother

i got in a fight with my brother. it started with me convincing my dad to stay on APs.
he and his friend came over and smoked weed and let my dad take a few hits. now my dad is having a hard time breathing and his heart is beating fast. my brother said its all my fault that if I hadn’t asked my dad to keep taking his antipsychotic he wouldn’t be having these troubles now. my dad has COPD and liver disease yet my brother and mom keep buying him cigs and beer

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Peace man…!!!

Typical. Trying to pass the blame over to someone else . He knows he’s wrong, so he’s trying to make excuses to help him feel less guilty. Try not to fight or waste energy. He already knows he is wrong.

They obviously don’t love him very much like you do.
Sad they’re allowing him to destroy himself and blaming you to boot.


My dad has COPD…mix that with weed when he should be on antipsychotics and your never going to win that.

Seriously. Your Bro needs a reality check. It’s not good for your dad on many levels. Take that shite away from your father as he shouldn’t be encouraging him! It’s cruel for his mental health and it’s cruel on his lungs.

It’s a perfect shitestorm for your dad…your bro is a dick! Your mum isn’t helping…

Seriously people! Your not being responsible except for keeping your father in the shite for his health!

Show them this post! You aren’t helping your loved one…get with the program people!