I got fired

You can all laugh and get your revenge now!

Who will laugh with your problem?

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Sorry you got fired. I’m sure you’ll find something else though. Just don’t give up.

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Not every job is a perfect fit. You will find something better. Try not to worry. And anyone who laughs is a creep.

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Anybody got any rope? Lol

What did you get fired for?

Hey man, that’s one reason I don’t try. I’m afraid I’d get fired too. At least you tried. That’s more than 90% of us.

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I’d rather not get into. Just accepting the thought that I’m a failure. I am and always will be. There is nothing that is going to change that. I can’t handle working full time. I’m going to look for a part time gig now.

Well you tried… At least you got the balls


You can learn from mistakes, if working is something that you want to do then dont let getting fired stop you. You just wont make those mistakes next time.

Sorry to hear that. Like the others have said at least you tried.

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I commend you for trying. Part time work could be too. No one feels good about you getting fired. We’re sorry it happened. There’s got to be a better job for you out there.

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@tyme thanks for sharing. That’s ballsy of you to put yourself out there🙃. Take care

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God don’t want me to work anymore.:sunglasses:

It’s ok to laugh after my bragging a few days ago. Lol

I won’t say what got you fired. I will say though if you don’t deal with the issue it will probably get you fired from other jobs further down the line.


Good for you for trying.
Don’t give up.

Sorry to hear things didn’t work out. Hopefully you can apply lessons learned from this attempt at the next one.



Hell, I’ve been fired more than a dozen times. My solution was always to go back out and find a new job. That’s my secret solution.

Losing a job falls under the old “sh*t happens” category. “You win some, you lose some.”

Don’t give up, not every job is going to be a good fit. If you go right back out there and look for work your very next job may be something you will be successful at. You never know. I’ve been fired at jobs for tardiness, being absent without calling in, breaking equipment, or just doing a plain lousy job at what they told me to do. But then I go right back out and my next job I do great.

I guess I’m trying to say that losing a job does not mean a never-ending pattern of failure in all your future jobs. I’ve had jobs where I lasted one day. I’ve had a few jobs where I lasted four years. Now at my janitor job I have been here 5 years. This is how being employed works.

When you lose a job, chalk it up to experience and move on.

But yeah, part-time may be the way to go for you.


And it’s also very possible that getting fired from that job was not entirely your fault. But I really don’t know for sure.

Some jobs have a longer learning curve than others. Some jobs are harder than others but a lot of jobs have a “grace” period where they will tolerate mistakes and they don’t expect you to learn everything in one day.

My first job was washing dishes when I was 17. For the first week or so I was asking the waitresses where to put away everything after I washed it. They allowed it and they were very polite and helpful. But I knew that would only last so long so I put out more effort to memorize where every dish and cups went.

So other co-workers will help you but they have to see that you are putting out the energy and effort to learn how to do your job.

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