I got bicycle tour.what is your opinion about travelling with bicycle

me and my wife this weekend got bicycle tour and travelled the birgi which is the historic place very close to our living place.what is your opinion about bicycle tour.my record was 30 km in 3 hours.i think bicycle tours is very relaxing sport.is anyone got long trip with bicycle


I have very low concentration to ride any…

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I would like to one day. I have always found it interesting.

I love riding a bicycle, I need to get a new bicycle before this coming summer, I may ride my bicycle 30 kilometers a day, I really like it. It is also good exercising for my weak legs.


I ride one at the gym. My pdoctor says it’s good for neurological reasons. Apparently when you put someone with Parkinson’s on an exercise bike their symptoms disappear?? Anyhow… hope you have fun.

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I wanted a bicycle, since I couldn’t get car.

bike’s affordable.

bike’s faster than walks.

but had nowhere to keep it for free.

Yep, I have diabetes that has caused me neurological issues in my legs and the bicycle riding is an excellent way to maintain my legs and maybe even improve a little.


Funny enough I never learned to ride a bike when I was a child but I wish I had learned because it looks very nice to ride and it’s eco friendly.