I got an interview on Monday but I am starting a temp job tomorrow... What do I do? *panic*

I want that job. It is perm. It is for a huge mental health charity. I WANT TO GO TO THAT INTERVIEW.

This temp one is for six weeks starting tomorrow. What do I do?

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go to the interview, tell them you have to start a day later for now


I start tomorrow and the interview is on Monday…

Is it worth possibly losing the temp job over? I would call the temp job ASAP and let them know you had an important personal matter arise and you need that day, or half day, off to take care of it. No need to say what it is, just tell them it’s personal.

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It is. Because this one is a perm position.

:face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage:

Yes I have that effect on most peoples :relaxed:

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Ok realistically speaking, it might be too much that job. It is full time and very far. So I’ll stay with the temp job… Will be ok…

Yes temping is good for now till you ready for interviews
What does the temping job role

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Don’t sell yourself short! You seemed really excited about this interview and it sounds like you’re trying to talk yourself out of it.

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No @LED. I am being realistic. I have quit a lot of jobs due to stress. I just had a second look at the Job spec, it is full time, very far (75 mins via train) and more stressful than I can handle.

This 6 weeks one is close by and less stress because its quite basic…

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its more data entry… :smiley:

Stick to temp
There will be other full time permanent jobs
I wish I could temp
Myself but can’t at moment
I used to temp many years ago

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