I got an algorithm for everyone

Pay close attention to the numbers, not so much that you schiz out.
I’m really curious how many people know this.
Because it is something you might not even realize…
But if it makes you schiz out go do something else.

Here is a test;
If I’m from a place where everyone knows everyone and if something happens to them a lot of people will interact and respond to that situation and do whatever it takes to correct the wrong, but in some cases there are more people out there than the others but there is a #ck ton of people that will correct the wrong at whatever cause.
What happens to you if you f##ked up?
I’ve even gone as far to tag it under unusual beliefs.
Here we go;

No comprende la languish de numeros.

I’ll even add another one.
Choose a number between 1 and 10.
X that number by 2.
subtract 16
Think of a letter in the alphabet that corresponds with that number.
Than think of a country that starts with that letter.
Than respond with that country on here;
And it can even relate to the original post.

White Russia


Trinidad. Lol 151515

What on earth. This is complete gibberish lol

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