I got a raise at my job

my boss likes me so much he gave me a $2.65 raise after 3 weeks

Lol jkkk but our business is doing so well i think that he bumped all of the drivers to minimum wage from 7.50 to 10.15.

And with a 9 month work trial evaluation period where I can make as much money as I want…Im gonna be working 24 hours a week. I told my boss the day before he gave me a raise and well im glad im able to work 24 hours “till may” I said and he said “well perfect!!!”

He added a list of stuff for the drivers to do inside our little closet with the pizza bags and drinks,so that was like his “agreement” for giving us a raise…is now we must follow the rules on the wall. which is really no different. I think all of us drivers have been doing a great job. But seems like a sweet deal to me. Making more money and all…


Congrats on your raise!
I also want to do a part time job once I end my bachelor :pray:

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I think everyone at my work knows im schizo of some sort…especially this girl who I drive home said something about a “psycho killer running through the woods” and I just changed the subject and she said “Have you ever heard ghosts or spirits or something” and I was like nahhhhhhhh and then she was like “well my mom says god only lets people who are capable of handling hearing voices and stuff hear voices” and then I changed the subject to football and we talked about Tom brady and she said “he thinks hes god”…………

im thinking everyone knows im sz/a but I do a good enough job that it doesnt matter too much

and Im happy the girl seems like she can be a friend of mine shes nice if u get on her good side and stuff


thanks it was totally unexpected lol. and it was reflected in my paycheck I got yesterday…it was like almost a $100 increase I think. and that was on 5 less hours… I dont think I could work full time, but if I work 24 hours making minimum wage+tips I will definitely be making over the maximum for SSDI so I dont know if I wanna lose that. Especially considering it pays for my health insurance mostly.

I guess ill re-visit how many hours I can work, once may comes along


Driving jobs are great. Most of the time you are getting paid to listen to the radio.

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Haha that is very true!!! I tried listening to a podcast but it was too overstimulating. It’s just music for me.

The only problem is you have to pay for wear and tear on cars overtime…your car probably breaks down sooner if youre driving a ton. But hey its ok if youre making 10.15 plus tips per hour lol. Too bad they dont have tipping culture for u guys in the UK…

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Yeah thats why I want a job at a supermarket next. They provide vehicles for you so you dont have to pay for the wear of your car. Do you make money on petrol?

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Since ive started working, whenever I go out to eat I always tip in cash. And I prefer to tip a $5 bill at least because I know id rather get a $5 than a bunch of $1’s

although every tip is appreciated :slight_smile:

I have some interesting stories to tell too…

we pay for our own gas or petrol at this job.

its funny because when I go to neighboring towns I never get as good of tips.

Even though neighboring towns is way farther away, I’ll drive like half a mile and get a $10 tip…then go to the next town they wont give me nearly as much. But still not bad. I get good tips.

Only times I didn’t get a tip was this guy who was recently admitted into a nursing home type place and he was paralyzed at the waist down. I told him to have a good day and the other time once a lady gave me a $10 tip, the next time she gave me a $0 make-up tip I guess.

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yes it was great raise, you can be proud of yourself and you are paying attention to what you earn so everything is going smooth :upside_down_face:

Besides that you’re making new friends, that’s also great. To me socializing helped me a lot dealing with my voices, I somehow feel better with myself if talk to someone, so don’t worry if they know you have an illness, just do the best you can :muscle:

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thanks @lenny :slight_smile: you have a great day now !!

And good luck with the rest of your bachelors!!

I know you will do it!!

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nice dude, i can tell working this job is doing good things for you, i’m glad you got a raise. im looking for jobs but i kinda stopped doing applications after 4, i think im gonna need to get my drivers license first as im 19 and have never even practiced driving before

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I hate the application process these days with everything online and everything they dont even see you and you have no clue if they ever reviewed your application or I dont even know. That’s one of the reasons I wanted a pizza delivery job because I was lazy about the application process. And pizza jobs you apply in person.

Also Ive gained some driving skill since doing this job. The shift on Friday is 10 hours long so im just driving driving driving all day long almost because its really busy on Fridays during lunch and at night. So ive definitely learned how to drive better. How to turn around in tough spots and a lot of stuff its all just practice. Ive always been a good driver though. I wanted to be a professional driver until I had anxiety problems that messed with my driving abilities, but now they’ve been healed and I dont get anxiety driving anymore, not even close to like I used to ever.


I have the opposite thinking to yours on what this girl talked about. If I was the girl I would avoid talking about psychosis things with you after I knew you had Sz. I think that she talked so much about ghosts and voices just because she doesn’t know you are a Sz.


I was worried she was trying to get me to admit im sz/a because its a driving job and maybe she could get me fired for having hallucinations. So I just didn’t admit anything. Its better that way. Oh well she cant say anything if I dont say anything.

nice, $10/hour plus tips sounds pretty nice. But of course, cost of living is much higher in Connecticut than it is here in the Midwest, so I’m sure it evens out.

Have you checked out buying a satellite radio? Once I got mine, I would never go back to normal radio. The music is so much better. Just a thought, considering all the driving you will do

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I was wondering how you were getting on. I’m happy that it’s all good news.

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i have anxiety about driving despite having never driven because ive been in so many accidents and close calls with other people driving

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That’s great news. Glad you got a raise :slight_smile:

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I have xm. It’s the one premium music service I have it’s pretty awesome!!

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