I got a question about carprazine

Every switch is a super rough process which is why it is such a vexing position. Also I suspect it’s a primary reason people stay on some of the harsher and older medications. Further doctors generally won’t switch you to a medication that might have a better side effects profile if you are otherwise stable. Even if you are for example having ‘some’ problems such as cognition. Ultimately I think it is worth it try and find something you like then feeling something you don’t. But this depends on the symptoms you are experiencing, your previous experience and your risk tolerance. Ultimately it’s a personal decision

It really depends on how severe your schizo is…if yours isn’t severe need to take pills of lower efficacy medicine but they have less side effects too

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Have you tried Abilify? And can you tell me off hand what APs are injection? That would help

It’s okay. I looked it up. Lol

I may have to take Abilify. Unless my psychiatrist will let me take pills. He’s got a problem with that

What’s his problem? He thinks you won’t take them?

Yeah I tried abilify it gave me pretty bad akathisia. It was definitely tops for my libido though

Yeah. I’m trying to get a new psychiatrist. He’s got a big problem with me taking pills. It’s a bizarre story of delusion and psychosis. But obviously I’m not like that anymore. But I don’t like him. He’s got a good reputation he’s considered one of the top three psychiatrists in Calgary something like that. I don’t know how he did that. He’s got a bad reputation with everybody I know that knows him. Some nasty reviews though. I’ve had him forever. He really let me down. He knows it but he’ll never admit it. Even to himself probably. Anyway. I need a good drug. Do you think I should try Abilify injections?

How do you know?

Maybe he just doesn’t have hope for you. A lot of doctors loose compassion because they can’t relate

Maybe personally I think it is always best to try pills first because you can easily switch back if the side effects are bad or change dosage more easily if you need more or less.

Fyi my first doctor was like that. I hated him and he was a ■■■■ around. But I’ve come around to see that even though he wasn’t a people person and was a bit of a robot the bloke definitely knew his ■■■■ when it came to medication. For that I have come to respect him