I got a question about carprazine

I can’t watch movies or tv. It’s just impossible there is just something wrong. Sex is out too. I’m on invega injection. Can somebody tell me if cariprazine injection is a good drug. Can you have sex on it and do you feel cognitively well? That’s all I ask. Two things I need. I’m leaning towards cariprazine. Hopefully a low dose. Is anybody here on the injection? Are you happy with it?

I never heard of carprazine. I take Aripiprazole and Duloxetine, and am functional sexually. I think cognitively I’m better too than I was on Risperidone and Fluoxetine. I think it depends on the individual though and what works for you.

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I am on cariprazine and like it.

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I am on cariprazine, and I have no pleassure

Yes I have no pleasure on invega. It’s like it has reduce it. Or destroyed the pleasure centre on my brain. My sex drive is basically nil as well. I need a change. I heard cariprazine was 5x more effective than Abilify and good for cognition. I really have to do the right thing here. I’m not in good shape. I have some impairments. And my brain is weak and my neuropsyche test determined that I now have slow processing. Would you recommend cariprazine at all? I think it’s prolactin sparing

Are you having sex on cariprazine?

Didn’t know it was injectable? I thought it was just pills

I take 4.5mg a day + 5mg Olanzapine as well

Seems to work better than all the others I have tried recently.

Well… probably cariprazina is better than invega but not, no sex.

I’m on it, didn’t know it was available as an injection though?

It also keeps my mood up, somehow it works as an anti- depressant on me.

No Im not but it has nothing to do with the medication I am on. Its that I periodically question my orientation.

Would you guys suggest I take Abilify or cariprazine. My psychiatrist will probably only let me go on injection. Abilify seems to have some good reputation for sex too. If cariprazine is not injectable then it may have to be Abilify. Any other suggestions off the top of your heads. If I don’t get off invega soon and find the right drug. I will probably just lose my girlfriend because of my brain and my sex. I haven’t had sex with her yet. But I get the idea that its bad. If I stay like this I will probably deteriorate mentally too. What do you guys think of Abilify?

Unless I can convince him to let me go on cariprazine. Damn I need off this drug invega injection. I’m like this because I had a bad relapse. It’s nasty in here. I need a better drug

Is this a vraylar injection? I have never heard of vraylar being available for injection

I thought vraylar was injection. Maybe it’s not. Some people say that injection is better but you should be put on it after you know that the drug is good for you. I was put on invega injection to pull me out of bad psychosis. It’s been three years. I’ve given it a chance. My doctor has got to help me. But he’s got more of a problem with me taking pills than I do. I’m trying to get a new psychiatrist. It’s difficult. This is not right

Cariprazine is going statistically no more or less effective the abilify will be. Brexprizprazole is also an option.

Have you tried Viagra yet and seeing that makes the difference?

Well switching seems like such a scary option.all these antipsychotics seem damaging to cognition. I know invega injection does not feel good for my cognition. I need something that actually feels smooth. Cognitively. Ever tried clozapine? It’s a smooth cognitive drug. But I can’t take it. I might be delusional on it. Clozapine would do the job sexually too. Getting off injection might do the trick. I don’t know which drug.

I haven’t tried cloz, it’s normally reserved as end stage treatment as it effects white blood cells. Actually a lot of antipsychotics effect white blood cells. Cloz is the most effective for positive symptoms.

Antipsychotics do effect cognition a lot but also maybe not as you might think. I think a lot of them are having effects on cognition indirectly via sedation and mood.

There is actually no good/solid evidence which shows they are damaging for cognition

Well thanks for the positive spin. All know is I came out of psychosis three years ago with alot of crap in my head. It’s a disgusting mess of invega and left over crap from psychosis. I’m making fish right now for supper. And my head is just a pool of crap. With barely any ability to have sex, I’m having no fun. The cognitive impairment is pretty bad but it’s only when people expain. My plan is to reduce invega to 75 mg injection and just get a grip if I can. Then switch for sex when I’m stronger mentally. It takes time. I just need to find the right drug. Nothing I can do about invega now. But I don’t like it. I just don’t like my health even though I’m not unhealthy. I just went through alot. Bad luck. Do you like your drug?

My drug (latuda), I like. However only comparatively so it is better the all the other crap I tried before it. Still if I didn’t need to take it that would be lovely. For me it is a dream compared to everything else. At the start of my journey I was resistant to changing my medication, it took some time but I found the right one. It took me 3 years into my recovery before I started taking the medication consistently. 4 years before I saw real improvement. Don’t give up hope!

Did you find it hard to switch and stay out of psychosis on pills? Clozapine was a disaster for me