I got a new plaque

IT says: “It is what it is but it will become what you make it.” To remind me to live in the present. You like? Let the past be the past maybe finally, desimb


That’s a good one for me, too, desimb. If I just didn’t wake up in the morning feeling like a frustrated baby… I need “Move it or lose it.”

It’s a very nice sentiment.

I for one can’t wait for it to become the past, and have a new beginning.

But first things first i guess.

this is a cruder version i hope you dont mind if you have one foot in the past and the other in the future your pissing on the present.

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My Dad has a good one. It was one his Dad (my Granddad) had: “I know you know what you think I said. But you have to realize what you think you know is not what I said” or something super confusing like that which is why it is on a plaque. None of us can remember it word for word. The gist is “you didn’t hear me right”.