I got a job- sort of

I’ll be writing articles for a newsletter and blog, possibly with the articles being crossposted to a feminist magazine. It pays 8 cents per word, up to 1,000 words, then 6 cents after that to 1,600. It’s freelance work, so not exactly a JOB, per se, but it’s income!


That’s great! Congratulations! :smiley:

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I got paid for my first article, a little over $100! That may not seem like a lot but when it’s my only source of income, it’s VERY welcome. I’ll be writing one a week, for the same pay. And it’s something I can put on a resume! I won’t be taking over as breadwinner for the household any time soon, but I could see myself writing for a magazine or newspaper in the future, and making a decent amount of money for it.


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most cool. You get paid your now in the realms of a Writer or more importantly an Author!!!

That is so cool as a fan of the english langauge and literature!

Well done you! I have a sister who makes a living out of writing. She was a journalist but moved into Government and does stuff for the State Government over here. She’s quite clever and even freelanced as a poet.

I really do apprecaite those who can write…I have ideas but the writing escapes me!

I would call that a job. and… Good for you!

That sounds like a good job depending on how fast you can pump out an article…

That’s awesome! And since it’s freelance, it should be pretty low stress.

Congratulations! It’s always good to have something keeps you active and productive. Now you’re not a burden to society! Seems like a good job for someone with schizophrenia.