I got a job interview

Today I got the call for a job interview at a senior home. I will be a care giver which I really want to do. I have been in school to be a nursing assistant since September and I will hopefully get this job. It pays a little over minimum wage but if I really like this job I may not have to go back to school which I hope.


Hey that’s GREAT news! Congratulations! Good luck with the interview. My trick is to remember they want to see you so you can feel like you have a little of the power in the interview!

Work and study are so important in recovery. You’re doing the right thing.

I really want this job which is new cause I never cared for other jobs. I just felt I didn’t have a good job as a sales associate. I love seniors though and could work with them anytime I just really love them.


Sounds like you’ve found your calling! I think this is terrific! I really hope you get the job. Be sure to keep me posted, I’m rooting for you!

Thanks, yea I find a real joy in helping people. Me have so much mental illness it just feels nice to give selflessly.


Good luck to you and congratulations.

I have certificate three in aged care but can’t work with it due to my social difficulties.
I go mute and tense n it’s torment.

I could assist personal care etc but the talking is needed n I just can’t do it.

I thought I would finally get of the doll and was determined n proud when got certificate but my eons where not in my body and I couldn’t find addresses and it was aweful and probably a set up as usual by da jealous ones…

I tried few times.

Hope you do lots of good n help lots of people.

If you haven’t gone yet I would offer my humble advice.

Just the basics:

Be well rested before going

Eat a light meal a little while before you go to the interview. You don’t want to be too full but you don’t want to be uncomfortable in the middle of the interview because you are hungry.

Dress appropriately. No jeans, no t-shirts, no tennis shoes. Just a nice pair of pants, nice shoes, and a clean nice shirt. Over-dressing can be as bad as dressing too causally.

Leave yourself plenty of time in the morning or afternoon to take a shower, get dressed, and eat.

I assume you know the travel route to get there, but if you don’t know then get on MapQuest or something similar to find the best route there and figure out the night before how long it takes to get there by any transportation you are taking. Allow time for traffic and weather conditions. Being late to an interview can kill your chances of being hired. It just plain looks bad.

These are just the basics. If you want to put in the time and effort, there are many websites that list what general questions that an interviewer is going to ask and what a good response would be. Websites also giver you tips on interviews that will give you the edge. It might make you more comfortable in the interview to be prepared for what they are going to ask you. Anyways, don’t over load yourself with too much information but a glance at the websites I mentioned might help.

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to complement Nick’s advice, here’s what NOT to do:

wake up late.

drink the night before or celebrate with too much food.

Wear your dirtiest clothes.

if interviewer is not a dude: flirt. flirt. flirt.

always bring up your MI.

Give them more information than they need or are comfortable with.

and lastly, always wink when sharing weird info.

I’ve held less jobs than anyone on this forum. trust me, these are the best things to NOT do during your interview. good luck, bud.

Personally I find it easier to talk to seniors then I find it to talk to people my own age haha xD. I also really like talking to non verbal people. One of my closest friends has autism and is non verbal.