I got a great work out In today

I moved my thumb up and down man I’m exhausted.


I‘ve lost over 35 pounds now.

Man, I got delusional one time…. I found an axe, and I cut tree down.

Another time I got delusional…I saw a broom,and I brushed my hair with it.

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Haha 151515

My exercise was twisting and turning in bed.


Don’t tell me it was a cherry tree. But seriously, I don’t think I could lift my thumb, much less work out with it.

Congratulations on losing so much weight. Keep it going!

That’s cool man.

Iv just stood up and downn three times

I then put my hands in the air while sitting down. I did this exercise three times also

I am now doing legs day. Two sets of stretching my leg out and back

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