I got a dog!

What a beauty!

She looks very happy.


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When I was an immigrant and just came to Canada and heard about hotdogs I thought they were made of dog meat so I didn’t eat hotdogs for a while.


She looks like a ‘blackie’ .

She resembles a chess piece - how about Chessie?

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So here’s a little update! We went through every name we could think of including the ones y’all suggested (thank y’all for those!) And she seems to respond best to Bella (my mom’s idea. She is puppy pad trained it seems but she likes to go outside so I’ll take her out when I can. We went over her papers about her and found out her birthday is December 10th and she’ll be 2 years old! (I might make her a doggie cake or something) she came knowing how to sit on command and to come but that’s it. I was able to teach her the commands down (where she lays down) stay and she’s learning rollover pretty fast too! I am really impressed! Also my mom’s old cat (she’s about 12) and Bella are okay with each other! Socks (mom’s cat) just hisses at Bella and Bella is curious but seems to know to give her space… For the most part lol!


@GrayBear it wouldn’t let me add you to the post up above, I tried I promise

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Bella is a beautiful name @Twialine!

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It actually means beautiful

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Thank you @Wave it’s kinda fitting… Bella is my favorite Disney princess and Bella actually means beauty

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