I got a compliment at the gym today

I’ve been going there for twelve years and one of the women said, “You’ve come a long way. You were a real mess when you started here.” I’m sure I must have been without knowing half the reality of my condition. The women at the gym have been good to me and they all know my condition as it’s a small town and that kind of secret is next to impossible to keep.


Do u hit gym everyday…

Nope. Just 3 times a week for about 35 minutes.

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Thats good chordy…

i have noticed you starting to perk up here in the forum too!

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aw gee, thanks for the notice. I’ve still got a long way to go before I fully appreciate my life here on Earth.


sometimes you got to go the wrong way to appreciate things…( not saying don’t work out, but I think you get the message)