I googled 'The one that got away'

I found a recent picture of her. No this isn’t healthy. But I was bored. It’s not so much ‘The one that got away’, but maybe ‘What could have been’ life wise.


Stahp that, only make yourself miserable…! I never google them, what’s in the past is in the past


I like to google myself


@everhopeful. I do it too. I know I shouldn’t but with the Internet everything is so tempting. I like the feeling of nostalgia you get from doing it. It reminds me of a much happier time.


I called the one that got away and Googled her seen her Pic, was nice, we had a nice conversation. She’s happy and married and I’m happy for her, she had a better life without me in it.

Not bitter it was true love and one always want the best for someone you respect and care so much for.


My high school classmate has married and have a clever daughter. Good for her.

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I tried to google but can’t remember the full name. Was a long time ago I tried. Never found him.

Was something that never happened.

I try to focus on the ideas that Rumi and the Symposium talk about instead.

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” - Rumi

I honestly never even believed in something like true Love before the Symposium either…


I’ve thought about it, and I’ve never wanted kids, but if I’d ended up with her, I could have sleep walked into having them. She has kids now.

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I did it yesterday and found out she made. A vlog and I realized how I utterly despise her and she’s developed a deep sense of narcissism and so many bad things. Yuck!

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I never knew his real name or saw his face, but I thought about him with the hurricane coming to North Carolina. At least I feel like I’ve had a great love even though I phoned it in. (I kid, but it was only over the phone.)

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I’ve had a desire to do this but I refrain from doing so.

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I had my friend check the facebook of a girl who used to be interested in me but things never lined up…

She was doing well as a lawyer in D.C… Saw some photos… still hot as can be. Oh well, oh well, oh well.

Many ships, many ports, many ships leaving ports… and many ships arriving.

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Well I just want to add something for anyone struggling with the feelings still. For me, I just imagine the other person and I together and the image comes through quite vividly. Especially if the feelings are still strong and you try to visualize it laying down or just as you’re going to sleep.

It’s never sexual for me and you can imagine yourself as young as you want to be also. It should make you happy which makes it easier to let go.

And no, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the “be happy” model of thinking. Love is only revealing of something as I see it. That would just be an essay to write out though. zzz

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[quote=“Genbu, post:13, topic:61459”]
. For me, I just imagine the other person and I together and the image comes through quite vividly
[/quote]it used to for me but ever since I saw her vlog, I can’t even fathom us together. When stalking pays off hehehe. I seriously think she’s been driven mad by me. I say this because she said to me once “do you know how crazy you’ve driven me these last couple of years?!?!?!” Even though I was driven crazier and faced worse psychosis, it gives me comfort that I’m stronger at keeping myself in check. She doesn’t have sz but she’s been driven mad by me? Damn ain’t that a bitch. Even though she purposely drive me mad in the first place. She has a hard time figuring out what she wants in life. At first she wanted me, then my money only, then try to make me miserable, then wants to move on, cycle back and forth . All I know is she’s made a lot of mistakes and the karma is biting HER. Not me.

This is much more common than people realize. [quote=“chew, post:14, topic:61459”]
karma is biting HER

Karma can kiss my ass. I’ll tell the children who suffer with cancer that die a young age that they should’ve befriended the invisible force named Karma.


Sorry not to take away from what you’re saying! It really is better to try to let go of people who’ve done some kind of wrong to you than to continue to dwelling on it. Not saying I’m a master at this or something though!

I guess what I’m saying isn’t really something that would work in your case!

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Agree 100%. Thanks

Most of the hotties from back in the day either didsapeared off social media, or are fat and single with kids.