I going to see a new primary care physician

I’m nervous about having to go anywhere where it is too far to walk home. The arthritis in my hip got worse mid-June, and it’s difficult to walk, but I can if I try. My current PCP is 2.5 miles away. There is a doctor four blocks from where I live that I used to see five or six years ago. I’m going to call Monday and see if I can get an appointment. I guess I would be a new patient again. Hopefully he’s taking new patients or patients at all with Covid19. I just want to stay close to home.


Good luck! Stay Strong!

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Here everything is being done over the phone, with only emergency appointments face to face.

I had a problem with my liver, but I guess that’s not a priority for them as they cancelled the appointment.

I had a family doctor when I was going through a rough patch at 15 to 19, but he retired.

My pdoc retired last october.

It’s hard to find consistency these days with physicians

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