I go back and forth between

Thinking I am utterly and completely alien and foreign to everything resembling a human and normality. I look in the mirror and ask “what am I?” Maybe I see the traits in myself I don’t like to see the most.

And then the other extreme that doesn’t seem to last as long is I can be a normal person in society

But that thought seems fleeting

My other identity’s are either definitely a delusion, or I don’t worry at all about self image for some moments of time.

I’d say not worrying is the best identity to have. Because you’re always gonna have flaws when you look at your self image. Important to just live one with the world.

Don’t say I am this. I am that. So much. Because then you’re making distinctions that separate you from your true identity of that you are one with the universe. And one with all its plants, animals, people and etc… the key is a quiet non judge mental mind. Maybe this can apply for everyone. Maybe not. But I know it helps me because of the way my mind overly distinguishes. Good to balance the internal chatter with some meditated thought…at the very least, is helpful.

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With sz its pretty hard to not have flaws. Lazyness, irritability, obesity, lack of hygiene, unable to work, being dependent on others etc

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True that I think we can work on them as well as accepting ourselves though.

I compare myself with all people though.

Szs and non szs. I compare myself negatively.

So gotta remind yourself you’re not the worst person ever. Even though it sometimes seems that way for me at least. It helps to just have acceptance although easiest said, harder done.

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