I give up-going back on meds

I’m going back on my sleep meds until literally they say my xyrem is in the mail. (Who knows how long that will take) That’s what I should have done anyways. This is all too ridiculous.

Once again I’ve been bogged down by the infuriatingly slow healthcare/insurance system. Want to punch all involved in the face even though I technically know it is generally the system’s not the individual’s fault in this case. Regardless I’m headed down a very bad path currently. Is there a chance my sleep may spontaneously recover on its own? Yes, but the risk for serious consequences is very great.


Your sleep can recover. I take something called Power to sleep PM and they work well for me.


Bout to give up on Adderall… this ■■■■ sucks and makes me insane !!!

what sleep med were you on/how long have you been off it? if its a benzo it can take months to recover from usage of those, they can really mess up your sleep architecture and cause rebound insomnia for a while after you stop them but i think its supposed to gradually improve, though ive heard it can take quite some time

Yeah it took me weeks recovering my sleep previously. It is just SO HARD. Without the benzo at night I have bad anxiety and also paranoia because I haven’t been getting good sleep. Also other positive symptoms. I stay up all night and sleep the rest of the next day away so I barely get any work done. Being constantly sleep deprived is horrible in itself without these things.

Wow.::: have you tried and other remedies for sleep ?

Due to post acute withdrawal syndrome, I went for about a month off alcohol with virtually no sleep at all. That’s a very long time, but going w/o sleep is possible and won’t kill you. According to research on sleep deprivation, after two weeks or so, under normal circumstances, you WILL fall asleep. Some folks freak out about insomnia more than others. That’s my tuppence.

Yeah it’s just my psychosis is directly linked to my lack of sleep and the less I sleep the worse it gets. It can get pretty horrific.

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