I give everything away

or I used to…I had some Arcosanti copper bells I was really proud of and I see my friends posting pics of the bells I gave them in my first marriage still and I wish I still had them…they were precious to me…oh well…do you give things away you wish you didn’t?

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Yes, after coming out of hospital, I threw away some vintage computer magazines that I’d spent ages collecting.

That still hurts.


Yep. I see it as Karma money even if I miss the items. Last time in the Hospital I gave a black and red Ecko Jacket to someone there, and also gave away my GameBoy Micro to someone who gave me a plushie. Wish I’d kept the GameBoy Micro as the one I have right now is a different edition and came with the screen cracked. :weary:

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I gave away a bunch of books I decided I didn’t need anymore because they were too secular. I had religious delusions.

I miss my books.


I unfortunately destroyed my entire album and cd collection in a manic rage years ago.

Still kicking myself for this

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Yeah I know the feeling I’m donating money too a charity for Christmas it’s gonna be a African charity I feel so damn bad when I see there living conditions actually believe it or not people go hunting in places in Africa too donate to the African food bank I’d be so fulfilled if I could bring my compound bow and get some meat to give to the hungry poverty kids and it’s doable

Hunt SA donated the food I know we’re not allowed to talk about hunting but still I’d love to be there to give food to the starving kids

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Actually the got over 10 thousand lbs of meat to give to the needy I know that hunting is :100: a taboo subject but I’d love to be there giving food I’d prefer it over any other type of hunt or fishing trip

I’m always giving things away or donating stuff to charity shops my mum said to me that its a sign of vulnerability.

I gave a year old $1000 recliner to my next door neighbor, he was very appreciated

When my grandma passed away she left me with a wooden display of old silver dollars from the 1800’s and early 1900’s

As well as some English money and various other coins

So I my let one of my pothead friends have them for helping me move between apartments :pensive:

I REALLY wish I hadn’t done that…

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Hunting for food, especially to help others, is not horrible. Hunting for pleasure is very disturbing.


Yeah some people just kill animals for no reason if your gonna hunt a animal you should eat it otherwise it’s a just senseless killing and thank god for game wardens to stop poachers

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I hope no one decides to poach game wardens. That would be very concerning.


Yepp I do.

I gave away wine red wicked boots n i really regret that.
Gave away some clothes I wish I still had.

Gave away a porcupine and pig ornament of hugs sentimental value to me to someone they meant nothing too.

Gave away my favourite and only comfort blanket to my neighbours dog who was my only friend and support at that time but the owners of the dog didn’t value it and threw it away.

Other things too.

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