I get to go without medication for three weeks

Because my pdoc has two days off and for whatever reason cant email my fat bitch caseworker back. Im pretty sure the crisis treatment center wont take me in because im not suicidal or homicidal atm. Have fun watching me freak out on here yall. Its gonna be great.quasall

that is unfortunate to hear Roxanna. You seem like a great person

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I love you @Magicfish God bless you and God bless your country.

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How does that translate into 3 weeks? I’m confused :confused:

The sob had yesterday and tiday off and cant bother to email my caseworker back. They say they cant see me for three weeks.

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I havd to go to ctc.theyll probably tell me i dont meet criteria to be admitted due to not being suicidal atm etc…


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If my doc couldnt see me when needed i would never even bother going to her.

I love my doctor its important to have a good relationship with them, I sms for lots of stupid things, she has seen the bad and the good.

They have alot of people to see. But i dont see why they cant see me for ■■■■■■■ ten minutes out of the day.

You can go to an emergency room for some meds maybe ??

Maybe. I havent done that in years. I dont want them asking me what med works. I had breathing problems so iD rather be somewhere they can watch me.


I think you should try it. It’d be better than no meds at all.


That language tweaking me out

Going to ctc.see what they tell me.

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Ok hopefully everything works out for you!! Maybe try to find a place that gives out meds during an emergency too other than an emergency room cuz they have that near me it’s a one time thing

Yeah they dont put you on a new ned.they put you on what yoy were taking.thanks im hoping for the best but nit expecting a goid outcome.

Try to expect a good outcome. You should read about the law of attraction. I know it’s harder though when it comes to situations like this. I’m expecting a good outcome for you though! I hope it all works in your favor

Give me a brief definition of laws of attraction. Well they didnt want to help me the first time i went so…the er is last resort.

Sorry friend. Im just not in a good


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Nevernind i read it strww. If i think positive i will attract positive. The outcome.

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