I get so tired of my own bullsh*t

The boss was really pissing me off Monday. First of all I’ll say that she is alright, she’s pretty mellow and friendly, fairly understanding. But she just got promoted and it went to her head, she was irritating people including the new guy who is taking her old job.

She let a little power go to her head. I planned to say something if she kept it up. I still like her fine, we talk cordially sometimes. But then she was talking to two of us and I was just humoring her and then she went too far and put all the cards on the table and failed.

We saw right through her and she was just a minor bit player at her job and I felt bad and embarrassed for her. My ambitions to say something to her just faded away. Well, part of me wanted to make her look bad but when it happened on it’s own I felt nothing but sorry for her.

What, to your boss? Are you kidding? :joy:

Just because you’re an employee does not mean you can’t disagree with the boss or say something if they are being too obnoxious. You just have to do it at the right time and be appropriate.

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You’ve got a good heart, @77nick77

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I suppose. I would still tread lightly. I’m not sure what kind of disagreements you’re having and what you mean by obnoxious.

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Haha, I have given my bosses the what for plenty of times. One almost got our team killed due to his stupidity, and we let him have it.

I save my outbursts for appropriate times, and I’ve only been mean to two. One was the aforementioned time we almost got blowed up, and another was when I worked in retail and my boss left me in the store by myself with an employee who was drunk off his rocker. Those are the only two times I’ve been mean and lost my cool, every other time I’m professional.

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