I get so damn frustrated

The meds Im on make me so freaking agitated all the time. The littlest things set me off and I can’t help it. I just want to feel normal.

Sometimes it takes time to find the right med. Talk to your pdoc about that.

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I’ve been taking l-theanine for the last month or so, and it helps. I’m afraid I’m becoming tolerant to it though.

What do you mean by agitated? Anxious or restless or angry or psychotic or?

I was put on Prozac when I was a teenager and it was a disaster. Almost instant rage - I was angry all the time about everything, I would fantasize about pushing strangers down the stairs if they were in front of me and moving to slow, my response to every stimulus was fury. It was very frightening and very out of character. It was undeniably the exact wrong medication for me.

I tried talking to my teacher and my doctor about it and was told to power through it, maybe it’s like lancing a boil!!1! Luckily my mom listened and took me seriously and demanded a med change for me.

Hope you feel better. If not, find someone who will listen to you and help find the right medicine.

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I just want to feel normal too however my problems are a little different. I hope a day comes when I can get off these meds.

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