I get really paranoid with people shouting outside

Lately there has been a lot of people who walk past my apartment complex screaming and shouting.

It makes me really rattled and I don’t know what I can do about it

If I shut my kitchen window, I might not be able to hear it as much, but I need it open because this is the smoking room in my home.

Should I confront them? I am not sure I can ignore it.

I want to feel safe in my home


Definitely not. Really bad idea. Things could escalate or worse.

If they’re just passing by then you might have to put up with it unfortunately.

Maybe just open the kitchen window when you want to smoke?


I just don’t know what to do about it.

It makes me so paranoid.

Not sure why it has gotten so bad recently.

I would close it, but I chain smoke in the kitchen, so I keep it open as I am trying to ventilate the room so the smell doesn’t travel into the rest of my flat.

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I have the same problem at times and they wake people in the middle of the night.

It’s not acceptable. People live in these places and they’re home to them. I bet they’d get really bent out of shape if other people did it outside their home. But they might not even care.

The problem is I feel threatened by it. Probably due to trauma of past unfortunate events, but I just find it very triggering and don’t understand what’s happening just outside my home.

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Noises where I can’t place where they’re coming from can put me on edge.

I have the same problem but with walking past groups of teenagers. I get intimidated and paranoid. On one of my walks the other day I walked past a group of teenagers and I’m sure they were shouting and calling me a fat ■■■■■■■. I had my earphones in and couldn’t make it out but was pretty sure. They wasn’t looking at me or anything when I heard it. I think I was just paranoid. I did feel confrontational but didn’t say anything.

When I’m sitting or standing by a window at night and I hear people outside shouting I get paranoid too - I believe they are going to shoot me through glass and I want to get away from window

i know the feeling. Whenever my parents have a discussion i get that feeling too.
I wouldn’t confront them though…

I wouldn’t confront them. Like @everhopeful said…it could escalate.

I would also feel threatened and triggered. If they are just passing by you could just let it be. I know it’s not nice though.

However if they are hanging around shouting you could report it to police.

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There’s a lady here that screams ten to fifteen minutes outside the apts. She eventually shuts the up. Jesus. Don’t worry it probably has nothing to do with you.

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