I get really anxious near opposite sex

I get really anxious near opposite sex. What can help ? I’m really excited and extremely attracted. I tried to meditate too but it didn’t help. What can I do ?

Remember that they are just people too. They have their flaws and weaknesses like anyone else.
I used to find women really intimidating when I was young too.
I still get shy among girls I find really attractive but I have had female friends Ive been close with.

I reckon you should try and befriend someone of the opposite sex. Once you grow close with one you will realise they arent so scary :slight_smile:


BTW - are you male or female?

I think I should try to befriend someone yes. I really wanted to know people better. But my delusions are about this exact problem so I feel it will only make me trouble

I am a male. My psychologist is a female. Even if she is helping me sometimes I get nervous around her. And she has helped for over a year now

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Practice makes perfect

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I had complex feelings about women when I was young. I wasn’t shy or anxious however. What helped me get rid of my stupid ideas is reading history books that describe how women actually behaved, both during peace or war. Additionally, I read on modern women, especially those of low to medium social status. Whatever delusions I had about them were gradually dissolved.

+++ Some young girls and some older women like to mock men for being very preoccupied with them in general. While this is definitely true, it is not to be ashamed of, but something to be understood concretely and controlled.


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